Peace Off!

Article from Class War issue 73 on pacifism, lifestylism and the 1990s anti-roads movement.

I don't want to change my lifestyle - I want to change my life

1972 article from Root & Branch on the issues affecting women workers, and exposing some myths of the feminist movement, like sisterhood instead of class antagonism.

Comments on CrimethInc. - Ken Knabb

Some critical notes on the US anarchist group CrimethInc. following the publication of their book, Days of War, Nights of Love by webmaster of the Situationist website Bureau of Public Secrets, Ken Knabb in 2001.

Social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism: an unbridgeable chasm - Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin's polemical essay against the increasingly individualist, misanthropic, mystical and anti-organisational trends in US anarchism still holds relevance today, no less in Britain than the States.