Liverpool workers ‘locked out’ by bosses occupy factory

Striking workers in Liverpool have been locked out of their factory in a dispute over redundancies. In response, they have occupied the factory. The occupation has been temporarily suspended as their initial demands have been met. It is apparently the first 'lock out' of workers by bosses in Britain since 1958

Caterpillar Workers: Locked out and sold out

Following the six week lock out of Caterpillar workers in Ontario who refused to accept 50% pay cuts. Caterpillar are acting on their threat to close the factory and shift production elsewhere. The (CAW) has vowed to fight on the workers behalf. Yet not to keep the factory open, and maintain their wages, but to ensure they get the best possible severance package.

Protest in support of 'locked out' Ontario workers

Over 10,000 people come out to support 'locked out' engineers in Canada. Their employers (Caterpillar) are reporting record profits yet are aiming to impose a 50% pay cut with immediate effect. If workers refuse the offer, Caterpillar are planning to shift all production to the United States.

The Dublin lockout of 1913 - Interview with Padraig Yeates

A video interview/ documentary on The Dublin Lockout of 1913 with Padraig Yeates, a leading historian on the subject. He has written extensively on it and is the author of 'Lockout: Dublin 1913'. This Interview, conducted by two UCD students Aoife O’Neill and Michael Smalle, was filmed in Liberty Hall and is being used by the 1913 committee in their program of events.

Stories from the CUPW Lock Out: or how to create a story that can reshape who we are and how we act

This story by our friend Bruce is reprinted from Linchpin, the publication of our comrades at Common Cause, about the CUPW lock out.

Locked out workers' anger grows at Canada Post

Following weeks of rolling strike action, Canada Post locked out its 50,000 workers on the night of 14 June. Here follows an exciting personal account of workers fighting back and locking managers in in Edmonton.

The Progressive lockout and class struggle in Aotearoa-New Zealand

An article written in 2008 about a lockout of supermarket workers in New Zealand in 2006, looking at the role workers themselves played in the lockout, including some background to then state of class struggle in NZ.

Looking back at anarchists and the 2006 Progressive Enterprises lockout

Locked out workers on the Mangere picket line

In August and September 2006, New Zealand was hit with the largest and most prominent industrial dispute experienced in the country for several years, when over 500 supermarket distribution centre workers were locked out for close to a month. Anarchists were involved in the nationwide campaign in support of the workers in a variety of ways.

War on the waterfront - Tom Bramble

Picket line at Melbourne's Swanston Dock, on April 20, 1998. (Wikipedia: Takver)

A pamphlet written by a participant in the Brisbane Defend Our Unions Committee on the 1998 waterfront dispute between Patrick Stevedores and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), the most significant industrial dispute in Australia of the 1990s and one of the most important since the 1960s.