London Education Workers' Group

Assessment as control: a teacher’s experience of the pecking order in schools.


A London teacher speaks about their own experience of the use of assessment as a form of social control in schools. From the spring 2010 issue of The Leveller.

Teaching union ballots over SATs, again

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has voted again in favour of scrapping the SATs test at primary-level.

Defending education in 2009: London Anarchist Bookfair report

A brief report from the Leveller issue 3 about the 'Defending Education' meeting hosted by the Education Workers' Network at the 2009 London Anarchist Bookfair.

London Education Workers' Group - a brief introduction

A brief working-summary of what the newly formed London Education Workers' Group is.

Solidarity with Tower Hamlets ESOL workers leaflet

A solidarity leaflet for September 12th 2009 rally in support of striking Tower Hamlets College workers.