Love and Rage

“The bottom line isn't the whole thing”: Detroit, anti-racism and labour history

New Beginnings interviews a Detroit militant with decades of organizing experience in the area.

Palante! A Brief History of the Young Lords

A short history by Carolyn of the Love and Rage Anarchist Federation about the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican gang that developed into a Marxist political organisation.

The Continuing Appeal of Authoritarianism

Article taking to task the direction of the Fire By Night Organizing Committee, an organization that emerged from Love & Rage's dissolution and commonly seen as the faction that was moving towards Marxist-Leninism.

Love & Rage Members Handbook

This is a Members Handbook that was produced by the New York Love & Rage Local in August 1997.

To Advance the Class Struggle, Abolish the White Race

Article from 1994 Oct/Nov copy of Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation's newspaper by Noel Ignatiev which lays out his view that the white working class benefits from the social construct of race, to the detriment of the class as a whole. We do not agree with the article but reproduce it here for reference.

The Historical Failure of Anarchism

1996 Position paper written by Chris Day that was a part of the final conflict in Love & Rage over orientation and direction. In this piece, he emphasizes what he see as the programmatic weaknesses of anarchism and the need to look beyond it for answers.

The Demise Of Love & Rage: What Happened? - NEFAC

An account of the development and dissolution of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation by WEB from NEFAC's Open City Collective.