Malcolm Harris

Bifo says relax - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris contests the viability of Berardi's conception of "slowing down" to defeat capitalism.

Papers and Tigers: Was Lenin Really an Anarchist?

Malcolm Harris' piece in a debate on the relevance of Lenin to current revolutionary anti-capitalist practice.

Civilization was once a popular subject.

Malcolm Harris on the pointlessness of trying to reinvigorate social-democracy.

Generation of debt: the university in default & the undoing of campus life

A pamphlet by Reclamations Journal on skyrocketing student debt in the context of budget cuts and economic crisis.

Baby, We’re All Anarchists Now - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris writes about some of the emerging conflicts between anti-authoritarians and self-appointed leaders of the #Occupy Movement.

Occupied Wall Street: Some Tactical Thoughts - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris talks about some of the limitations he sees at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.