Minor Threats And Attacks – 45 years of political experience in India

我虽死去 I am Dead

Song Binbin pins a Red Guard armband on Mao Zedong, Aug. 18, 1966

Documentary about the killing of the school teacher Bian ZhongYun in the beginning of the formation of the Red Guards and the Cultural Revolution.

To Suffer Thy Comrades: How the revolution decimated its own — Robert Francis B. Garcia

To Suffer Thy Comrades” is a brutally honest, meticulously researched, and brilliantly written account of one of the CPP-NPA internal anti-infiltration operations—the infamous Oplan Missing Link—written by a former cadre himself who, like his comrades and other purge victims and survivors, seeks healing and justice while striving to move on from the tragedy.

Thoughts on Maoism

First as Tragedy, Second as Farce: Marcos, Duterte and the Communist Parties of the Philippines

Edited transcript of Joseph Scalice’s lecture on Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). This lecture is an account of the class collaborationist politics of National Democracy led by the CPP and how the root cause of the class collaborationist politics can be traced to the Stalinist theory of Socialism-in-one-country.

Tactics used by the Communist Party of the Philippines to smear their critics

In response to scholar of Philippine communism Joseph Scalice presenting a lecture detailing the class collaborationist politics of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) including the CPP's support to President Rodrigo Duterte and his War on Drugs, the CPP responded with vitriol and even put out a special issue of their newspaper Ang Bayan just to attack Scalice. Here Alex De Jong outlines the various tactics used by the Communist Party and those who share its line to smear their critics in attempts to defend their falsification of history.

“The CPP and the various groups that follow its political line enthusiastically supported Duterte when he took office”

A historian of communism in the Philippines briefly explains in a post the time when the Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic apparatus enthusiastically supported Duterte.

A Libertarian Critique of Mao's “Combat Liberalism”

An anarchist review of Mao's (in)famous Combat Liberalism and what could of it could be use to the libertarian tradition.

A Short Critique of the Philippine ND/MLM Vanguard

Anarchipelago Kollective responds to National Democratic criticisms against them.