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Islamic state

The Arab Spring's wave of protests were followed by counterrevolution. The old regimes returned and directed their repression both towards the left and moderate political islamism. Other regimes were turned to rubble and left weakened. In that void jihadism has found room to grow and become a political power once again. Can an anti-fascist analysis help us understand what has happened?

On the Fires in the Stockholm Peripheries

The last week, Stockholm suburbs have been ablaze with fires. Cars have been torched in suburbs around the city and when the fire-fighters and police arrive they have been met by youths throwing stones. Why this? Why now? How come in Sweden?

From Meta-Politics To Mass Murder – A New Right-Wing Extremism

It is horrible. The massacre on Utøya and attack in Oslo’s government district is the worst right-wing terrorist act directed against the Scandinavian labor movement. How could it happen? How could such an extensive and long-term terrorist plan go completely unnoticed by the security police?