Mike Hargis

Detroit newspaper strike ends in ignominious defeat - Mike Hargis

A short article by Mike Hargis announcing the end of the Detroit newspaper strike. Originally appeared in Industrial Worker #1630 (January/February 2001).

All over the U.S.A. millions rally for immigrant rights - Mike Hargis

An account by Mike Hargis of the 2006 May Day immigration protests, which was one of the largest nationwide demonstrations in American history.

Nothing in common: an oral history of IWW strikes 1971-1992

A short book on IWW strikes and organizing after the unexpected modest resurgence of the union in the late 1960s.

IWW organising in the 1970s

An interesting account of attempts of organising Industrial Workers of the World union shops in the US in the 1970s, which contains useful lessons on the tactic of organising small workplaces.