Nothing in common: an oral history of IWW strikes 1971-1992

A short book on IWW strikes and organizing after the unexpected modest resurgence of the union in the late 1960s.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on March 14, 2012



-Introduction: a summary of IWW organizing 1971-1992

-Three Penny Cinema strike 1971 by Patrick Murfin

-International Wood Products strike 1972 by Arthur Miller

-Kentucky Fried Chicken strike 1973 by Frank Callahan

-Mid-American Metal and Machinery strike 1977 by Mike Hargis

-University Cellar/Charring Cross strikes 1978 by Fred Chase

-Keller Industries strike 1985 by Paul Poulos

-End Up strike 1992 by Deke Nihlson

-Boulevard Bingo strike 1992 by Lenny Flank




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Submitted by syndicalist on February 5, 2013

I was around for many of the campaigns described herein. And I really never thought how self-reliant these campaigns were on the NLRB. Perhaps I never paid much attention to it at the time (or shrug shoulders).