Fiat - call centre report from Milano, Italy, 2002

Report from October 2002 about work, resistance and the possibilities for struggle in a Milan call centre.

Pinelli, Giuseppe “Pino”, 1928-1969

Giuseppe Pinelli

A short biography of Giuseppe Pinelli, anarchist railway worker who was murdered by police in the Strategy of Tension. He was immortalised in Dario Fo's play Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

Valpreda, Pietro, 1933-2002

Pietro Valpreda, front row third from left, on a hunger strike demonstration

A short biography of the anarchist militant and dancer Pietro Valpreda who was caught up in the Strategy of Tension.

1971: Via Tibaldi occupation

Aerial view of Via Tibaldi today

A short history of an occupation of empty housing in Italy by workers who had inadequate accomodation. Their direct action and solidarity forced the council to house hundreds of people.

1971: The Quarto Oggiaro occupation

Via Mac Mahon, top left to bottom right

A short history of a militant mass occupation of empty housing in Milan, Italy, 1971 which pressured the government to give in and provide the participating families with housing.

Take over the city: community struggle in Italy - Lotta Continua

Excellent article from Lotta Continua about different struggles of workers in their local areas in 1973. It covers self-reduction of prices, squatting and more.