New Zealand

Fighting war

NOTE: this has now been edited and released as a new pamphlet by Rebel Press (April 2016)

This article highlighted the anti-war agitation of anarchists and the IWW based in New Zealand during the period before, during and after the First World War.

Auckland McDonald's blockaded in pay and homophobia dispute

Around 30 trade union activists have today blocked entry to the Auckland branch of McDonalds. They are protesting against the dismissal of union delegate, Sean Bailey who had been sacked after exposing proof that McDonald’s had been underpaying workers millions of dollars and not giving them adequate breaks. His dismissal came shortly after being threatened by his manager who told him he would be disciplined if he didn’t act ‘less gay’.

Reds and Wobblies: working-class radicalism and the state in New Zealand 1915-1925

Talk presented at the National Library of New Zealand, 22 October 2013, by Jared Davidson about New Zealand's radical history. More images are available here.

Trunk, Johann Sebastian, 1850-1933

Johann Sebastian Trunk

Short biography of transnational anarchist Johann Sebastian Trunk, by Jared Davidson.

100 years of anarchism in New Zealand celebrated today

Philip Josephs

100 years ago today, 9 July, the Freedom Group was formed in Wellington, New Zealand.

The siege of Troy: Interview with a sex worker

An interview with a male sex worker, Troy, by a group of New Zealand anarchists.

Revolting kitchens: a worker's perspective on the food industry - Red Chef

An account of working life in restaurant kitchens by the Red Chef, a member of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement.

Socialist cross of honor: markings of a working class counter-culture

Short article on the Socialist Cross of Honor, a medal produced by the New Zealand Socialist Party in 1911. The now rare medal was given to anti-militarists jailed for resisting conscription, and played a pivotal role in fostering a radical working class counter-culture. Reproduced from LHP Newsletter 55.

What exactly is this anarchism thing anyway?

An introduction to anarchism by New Zealand anarchist group Wildcat, with which we do not necessarily agree but reproduce here for reference.

Gender and labour/working class history in comparative perspective: the syndicalist and Wobbly experience in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand

An essay incorporating some theoretical insights about gender and labour/working class history that might help to situate the IWW and syndicalism in a new light while problematizing our understanding of the interactions of gender within that history.