Trouble on the Tyne: The fight against the Blackshirts in the North-East

History article from Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine issue 10.

Neo-Nazi march to be held in Liverpool

White Man March UK taking place in Newcastle, England in March 2015.

Neo-Nazis from across the UK will descend on Liverpool in three months time for an explicitly racist street protest, repeating an event which happened in Newcastle in March.

The call centre diaries, part 1

The Call Centre Diaries will be a semi regular series detailing my experiences as a precarious worker. To kick things off I’m going to share my experiences of working at Manpower, a major UK recruitment agency. Hopefully this won’t just touch on my experiences as a worker but also how the environment fostered in the kind of companies that thrive in economies structured around temporary contracts is adversely affecting the lives of both their own workers and the unemployed they are supposed to be finding work for.

Anarchists before the military tribunals, 1914-1918

Conscientious objectors in a work camp in Aberdeen

A short account of the hearings of two anarchists in front of the courts during World War One

Solidarity Federation wins unpaid wages in Newcastle

Just in time for May Day, another pay packet win for SolFed - this time it's Newcastle Local's turn.

Common's luck - a film on Jack Common by John Mapplebeck

Jack Common

Jack Common wrote brilliant novels, film scripts and essays of radical social comment, all rooted in his early 20th century working class Geordie upbringing. Later a friend of George Orwell, he led a life of literary obscurity and persistent material poverty, but left us some of the most perceptive commentary and description of working class life of his time. His novels (or, more accurately, autobiographies in novelistic form) also offer some of the best recollections of life unfolding through the eyes of a child.

Newcastle fights the fascists

Mosley with his Blackshirt supporters, 1930s

Account of the 1934 routing of fascists in Newcastle, England, by Albert Meltzer and Tom Brown.

Common Words and the Wandering Star, by Keith Armstrong

Tom Jennings is grateful for this comprehensive documentation of its author’s efforts to keep Jack Common’s legacy alive

Small Axe by Verbal Terrorists

Geordie hip-hop crew the Verbal Terrorists’ Small Axe brings forthright radical messages to agitate, educate and entertain. Tom Jennings goes with the flow.

Projectile debating

This post is coming a little later than would be usual, as I just took my first proper (non-anarchist-related) break in what seems like ages after Projectile finished and only just got back from it.