Neo-Nazi march to be held in Liverpool

White Man March UK taking place in Newcastle, England in March 2015.
White Man March UK taking place in Newcastle, England in March 2015.

Neo-Nazis from across the UK will descend on Liverpool in three months time for an explicitly racist street protest, repeating an event which happened in Newcastle in March.

Submitted by Anonymous on May 3, 2015

Neo-Nazi youth group National Action's (NA) next major public outing will be on Merseyside. The group are planning a repeat of the White Man March protest which attracted nearly 100 neo-Nazis from across Europe who listened to racist speeches and burnt gay, communist and Israeli flags.

The march was announced by organiser Wayne Jarvis from Castleford at an NA organising meeting near Leeds on Saturday, attended by around 40 neo-Nazis according to NA leader Ashley Bell from Garforth, who was among those arrested at the Newcastle march.

Groups such as Misanthropic Division, British Movement and Creativity Movement were all represented at the March event. National Front (NF) members were also present but relations between the NF and NA in the north west are strained at best, the NF held a competing event in Manchester a week after Newcastle.

Despite outright hostility to other nationalists, the intention of the event is to draw Britain's diverse far-right into an explicitly racist street movement. One local EDL splinter group, the North West Infidels (NWI) have already pledged their support for the march. The group has taken an increasingly far-right line since leaving the EDL and now openly uses fascist imagery.

The NWI are responsible for organising against the city's annual James Larkin march and have been linked to attacks on trade unionists and anti-fascists. One attack on anti-fascists heading to a benefit gig saw six fascists jailed. Stephen Dumont from Netherley who was jailed for his part in the attack is now linked with NA.

Liverpool is also the home of Garron Helm, the NA member who was briefly jailed for tweeting anti-Semitic abuse at one of the city's MPs and was arrested at the Newcastle march. NA held a protest in Liverpool in June last year and an attempt to hold a protest in November saw 10 members arrested on conspiracy charges, no further action was taken.

Other notable fascists to live in Liverpool include the people behind the bizarre Hitler-worshipping Creativity Movement in the UK. NA members also include Andy Clarke who was arrested at the White Man March in Newcastle.

Fascists arrested at the White Man March in Newcastle. From left to right: Ryszard Brodzinski, Colin Dodds, Andy Clarke, Ashley Bell, Michael Woodbridge, Garron Helm.

The next time NA are out will be showing solidarity with those arrested at the March protest as they answer bail on Tuesday 26 May. In June NA are going wild camping in Scotland for a 'hate camp' which is only open to members.



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