Oil Rig Workers Strike in Norway

Workers at oil rigs in Norway went out on strike in July after there was no response from employers over demands for increased wages and pensions benefits.

Towards a General Strike from Below

Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance's call for a strike from below against the Swedish government's move to restrict the right to strike

1905: Swedish workers threaten general strike against war with Norway

Police guard trams during the 1909 Swedish general strike

In 1905 the Union between Sweden and Norway unravelled. In response the Swedish right pushed war while the Swedish workers threatened a general strike to cripple the war effort.

From Meta-Politics To Mass Murder – A New Right-Wing Extremism

It is horrible. The massacre on Utøya and attack in Oslo’s government district is the worst right-wing terrorist act directed against the Scandinavian labor movement. How could it happen? How could such an extensive and long-term terrorist plan go completely unnoticed by the security police?

Alleged Norwegian spree killer has EDL links

The rightwinger allegedly responsible for the Mumbai-style massacre and bombing in Norway appears to have ties with UK-based “counter-jihad movement” the English Defence League.

Norwegian train drivers strike for Gaza

Halted: the Oslo subway

Norwegian transport workers engage in short symbolic strike against the attack on Gaza.

Norwegian airport strikes spread

Bergen airport

A strike by workers at five Norwegian airports also shut the airport at Kristiansund over the weekend, and more flights were cancelled on Monday.

The International Communist Current and Norway: a critique by Mortiva Forlag

Some criticisms of the ICC's interpretation of reality. Originally published by some Norwegian communists called 'Mortiva Forlag', who for a while in the 1980s published useful reports on class struggles in Scandinavia.