Nottingham United

PHILIP CALLOW comes from Coventry, but is Nottingham by marriage. He is the author of Common People 1958, Native Ground 1959, A Pledge for the Earth 1960, and of the TV play The Honeymooners.

The Luddites: machine-breaking in regency England

Cartoon depicting the fictional Luddite leader Ned Ludd

A historical overview and analysis of the Luddite movement 1811-1816 which swept parts of the UK as workers smashed machines to defend their jobs, pay and conditions.

Anarchy #038: Nottingham

Issue of Anarchy magazine from April 1964, this issue is focussed on Nottingham with contributions from several local Anarchists.

Damn his charity, we'll have the cheese for naught! Nottingham's great cheese riot and other 1766 food riots - Valentine Yarnspinner

Illustration of a protest to reduce the price of grain

Superb pamphlet by Valentine Yarnspinner published by the People's Histreh group about a cheese riot in Nottingham in 1766, and other food riots of the time.