Organizational Improvement

[VIDEO] How to Grow a Movement: Tips for Activists & Organizers

Advice that is useful for any organizer or activist, to help your organization or movement grow in both size and active participation.

This advice draws from two sources:

1. Social psychology

2. Real life examples of successful mass movements and organizing campaigns

This video is an episode of the Aktion Show, a weekly livestream about praxis and direct action, but includes a brief intro and outro that was not part of the show. Skip to 4:03 for the main presentation.

Ideas for Building the Foundation for a 21st Century Revolutionary IWW in North America

Two Septembers ago I was asked by a long time friend in the movement about what I saw the IWW’s responsibility to be as the largest left organization in North America. And while I don’t know if that is actually the case, it did push me to think about what we need to do as an organization to improve our structure and to do so with real urgency. Below is a series of internal changes necessary to do just that.