Paolo Virno

Notes for an understanding of class deals be they social democratic or otherwise

A few notes on the idea of class deals

Autonomia: Post-Political Politics

Semiotext(e)'s book Autonomia: Post-Political Politics about the Autonomia movement, which contains first-hand documents and contemporaneous analysis from it's most influential theorists.

The language of retreat: review of Virno's A grammar of the multitude

Aufheben review and critique of the book A grammar of the multitude by Paolo Virno, published by Semiotext(e) in 2004.

Reflections on Labor Power from Il ricordo del presente

These are excerpts from a book by Paolo Virno, Il ricordo del presente. These all come from the third section of the book.

A Grammar of the Multitude - Paolo Virno

A Grammar of the Multitude (cover)

A philosophical account of the concept of 'multitude', popular in the wake of Negri & Hardt's 'Empire'.

Multitude or working class - Paolo Virno

Virno explores the relationship of the concepts...