Peter E Newell

From Primitive to Libertarian Communism - Peter E Newell

An article by Peter E Newell looking at primitive, utopian, and libertarian communism. This article was first published in Libertarian Communist Review #2, and then made available online by the website.

Libertarian Communist Review #2 (1976)

Issue #2 of the Libertarian Communist Review, with articles on Bakunin, the role of a revolutionary organisation, primitive and libertarian forms of communism, and reviews of recent publications including one by John Crump on Marx.

Libertarian Communist Review #1 (Winter 1974)

The first issue of Libertarian Communist Review, with articles on Leninism and the idea of the revolutionary party, the need for "sectarianism" and hostility to the Leninist groups, the economic crisis, Arshinov on the Russian Revolution, notes on Russian state capitalism, and reviews of recent publications including The Tyranny of Structurelessness.

Zapata of Mexico

Emiliano Zapata

A detailed look at one of the most iconic rebels in history: Emiliano Zapata by Peter E Newell. Chronicles the development of the Mexican revolution in southern Mexico.

Anarchy in the navy - Peter E Newell

Republican sailors playing musical instruments on board battleship Jaime I

Article responding to the frequent historical criticism of anarchism that a ship could not be run without hierarchy, using the example of sailor-run ships during the Spanish Civil War.

The impossibilists: a brief profile of the Socialist Party of Canada - Peter E Newell

 The Impossibilists: A Brief Profile of the Socialist Party of Canada

A brief look at the Socialist Party of Canada, part of the World Socialist Movement. We disagree with their electoralism and reproduce this text for reference.

Buenaventura Durruti - Peter E Newell

Mughshot of Buenaventura Durruti.

Profile of Spanish anarchist revolutionary Buenaventura Durruti.