Peter Rachleff

Introduction to Workers' Councils - Peter Rachleff

Introduction to Anton Pannekoek's Workers' Councils, written in 1975 by US libertarian socialist collective Root & Branch.

Root & Branch: The Rise of the Workers' Movements

A book by the US libertarian socialist Root & Branch collective, published in 1975.

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Root & Branch # 3

Issue 3 of the US libertarian marxist journal. Published in 1971.

Organizing "wall-to-wall": the Independent Union of All Workers (1933-1937) - Peter Rachleff

A history by Peter Rachleff of the Independent Union of All Workers (IUAW), a militant, industrial union formed in the meat packing plants of Minnesota in the 1930s.

Keeping Minneapolis an open-shop town: the Citizens' Alliance in the 1930s - Lois Quam & Peter Rachleff

A paper written by Lois Quam and Peter Rachleff about the Citizens' Alliance, an association of employers and right wingers that opposed unions in Minneapolis during the 1930s.

General Strikes: A Brief History

Based on a paper by Prof. Peter Rachleff, Macalester College

Council communist theory - Peter J. Rachleff

Peter Rachleff's 1976 introduction to and history of council communism.

Other dimensions - Peter Rachleff

Paul Mattick's critique of Marcuse reviewed by Peter Rachleff in Root & Branch No. 4 (1973), pp. 52-55

Working-class activity and councils - Germany 1918‑1923 - Peter Rachleff

Spartakists fighting - 1918

A survey of the main events and the limits of working class activity during the Revolution.

Soviets and Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution - Peter Rachleff

Putilov Factory - Petrograd

Peter Rachleff traces the development of the Factory Committees from early 1917 until the beginnings of the Bolsheviks' suppression of these organisations shortly after October.