Wage & price controls

A description of the 'incomes policy' pushed by the Canadian government and its effects on the working class.

Greeks take to buses and roads in new protests

A new front is opening in the struggle between Greece’s Socialist government and its beleaguered subjects as public and private transport users co-ordinate mass sabotage in the face of spiralling prices.

Warsaw: ZSP Starts Rent Strike Action

Polish anarcho-syndicalist organisation ZSP is calling for a rent strike in Warsaw starting on Oct. 1.

General strike in India planned over price rises

India's major unions have called for a nationwide general strike this September over numerous issues including the rising cost of living and demanding an improved social security net.

General strikes in Yemen over rising prices

A programme of escalating nationwide strikes of the private and public sectors in Yemen began today for pay increases and the establishment of a minimum wage.

Safe with the Gaping Maw

tale of termination by bill dollar

Subsistence riots in Russia during World War I - Barbara Engel

Article on food riots, mostly by women, during World War I which helped spark the Russian revolution.

Female consciousness and collective action in Barcelona - Temma Kaplan

Barcelona women protest at the cost of essentials, 1918

Article on women's protests in Spain between 1910 and 1918, which had many similarities to those that sparked the French and Russian Revolutions.

(Trigger warning as this article contains mention of sexual violence)

1977: Egypt's bread intifada

A short history of the country-wide uprising against the termination of state subsidies for basic commodities in January 1977. Despite savage repression resulting in hundreds of deaths, spontaneous strikes, demonstrations, and widespread rioting forced the government to back down in just two days.

Autoreduction movements in Turin, 1974

Eddy Cherki and Michel Wieviorka's account of the workers' self-reduction of prices movement in the Italian city of Turin in the 1970s.