Research and Destroy

HIC NIHIL, HIC SALTA! (a critique of Bartlebyism)

A critique of the nihilist turn in communist and anarchist thought, from Research & Destroy.

Land and liberty

[foreclosures in the East Bay]

Research and Destroy on the housing crisis,evictions and gentrification.

Limit analysis and its limits - Research & Destroy

A critique of communisation as a mode of enquiry, by Research & Destroy in Sic.

From passive to active spectacle: afterimages of the LA riots

Oakland based Research & Destroy write about the Los Angeles riots and spectacle.

The beatings will continue - Research and Destroy

A short piece on the response of police to the wave of occupations at the University of California in Fall 2009.

Plaza – Riot – Commune

Research & Destroy consider the impossibility of reformism in the age of the crisis and the failure of the historic left, both in the context of the 'radical democracy' in the worldwide assembly and #Occupy movements.

Communique from an Absent Future

Pamphlet associated with the occupation movement at universities in the state of California.