Ron Rothbart

Science and practice in Marx's political economy - Ron Rothbart

Published in 1981 in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology. Discusses Marx's concept of science, his dialectical method, his critique of fetishism, his attempts to resolve the revolutionary and evolutionary (determinisitic) aspects of his theory, and Grossman's and Korsch's attempts to avoid determinism through a turn to subjective factors (working-class self-activity).

Beyond full employment - Ron Rothbart

Published in Now and After #3, 1978. Unionists, liberals, and leftists call for more jobs, but the revolutionary program is the supersession of alienated labor. Discusses Marx's theory of the surplus population, unemployment, the job as social control, weakening of the tie between income and work, and the abolition of labor.

The limits of Mattick's economics: economic law and class struggle - Ron Rothbart

A critique of the economic ideas of Paul Mattick by Ron Rothbart.