Russell Maroon Shoatz

The Imprisoned Black Radical Intellectual Tradition - Russell Maroon Shoatz

A short article by anti-authoritarian Black Power prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz, first published by In The Belly: An Abolitionist Journal and then republished by Abolition Media Worldwide.

The Real Resistance to Slavery in North America

A text by Russell Maroon Shoatz/s on historical resistance to slavery in North America. The attached PDF collects this essay together with "The Dragon and The Hydra" and an introduction looking at the relevance of Shoatz's thought to anarchists.

The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methods

Tacky's War

Investigation by Russell Maroon Shoatz into the methods of organisation used by maroons in Suriname and Jamaica, and the conflict between hierarchical and decentralised forms of organisation in the Haitian revolution.