Oil Rig Workers Strike in Norway

Workers at oil rigs in Norway went out on strike in July after there was no response from employers over demands for increased wages and pensions benefits.

Poison Fire (Documentary)

Poison Fire is a grassroots documentary that brings together video testimonies and evidence on the impacts of oil spills and gas flaring in the Niger Delta.

Shell Oil joins the great private sector pension scam

Royal Dutch Shell, one of the largest and most profitable companies on earth has announced it is closing its pension scheme for new UK employees. This is despite having record high share prices, a turnover of over £360 billion, and having much more money paid into the pension scheme than is taken out. Shell has one of the most financially sound schemes in the UK, with a £1.1 billion surplus. There needs to a be a genuine joining up of pension campaigns between the private and public sectors.

Stretching natural resources to their limit… for you!

Processed World on Shell in Nigeria.

Shell truckers offered 14 per cent pay rise

Oil tanker drivers supplying Shell petrol stations have called off a planned second round of industrial action after being offered a reported 14 per cent pay increase over two years.

The struggle against Shell in the west of Ireland

Mass tresspass on refinery construction site

This report was written for the International of Anarchist Federations in March 2007. A Spanish language version is here.

Rossport: a closer look.

Police patrol boats in Rossport

This article on the Shell to Sea campaign and on Rossport Solidarity Camp, was written in May 2006, for a publication which unfortunately did not see the light of day. It is a look at the campaign against the state and Shell’s “development” of a corner of the west of Ireland, situating it in an international context of environmental justice struggles.

Nigerians storm oil platforms

Nigeria is one of the world's largest oil exporters

Villagers in Nigeria have stormed and seized three Shell oil platforms in the Niger Delta.

Rossport Shell camp: Community under siege

Protests take place in Irish cities as state forces move in support of Shell.

Call for support as anti-Shell picket faces repression

Part of the Rossport camp

Latest news from the struggle against Shell in the West of Ireland, as the state prepares to strike.