Italy is top of European table for work-related deaths

Eurostat figures released on 7 January 2013 confirm Italy’s shocking success: it is the country with the highest number of work-related deaths in Europe.

Greece: Statistics of austerity

As more loans have been released to the Greek state a combination of recent surveys and reports show the true effects of years of austerity. There has been across the board reductions in conditions and living standards for large parts of the Greek population.

Statistics statistics statistics

As the title suggests, the role of statistics in school policy towards teachers and students is becoming ever more prominent. Of course schools have long since entered the realm of competition but recent events have reminded me of this.

The decline of African-Americans in unions and manufacturing, 1979-2006

Article about the diminishing numbers of African-American workers in trade unions, which is dropping faster than the general decline in unionisation in the US.

Statistical information on socialisation in the Spanish Revolution

Collectivised farm in the Spanish Revolution

Statistics on agrarian and industrial collectivisation in the Spanish Civil War, the numbers of collectives and workers involved.