strategy of tension

Stefano Delle Chiaie: Portrait of a 'black' terrorist - Stuart Christie

Investigative journalism by Stuart Christie into the neo-fascist terrorist career of Stefano Delle Chiaie, which spans two continents and two decades. The history of Delle Chiaie is the history of nazism in our world today. Through it we see fascist terrorist organisations in their true role: agents of an inner, oligarchic power sphere which sets itself above all law and morality

Giuseppe 'Pino' Pinelli (1928-1969): the 17th victim of the Piazza Fontana bombing

Giuseppe Pinelli

Short biography of Italian anarchist framed by the state and killed while in its custody.

1970: The Golpe Borghese coup plot in Italy

The Black Prince: Borghese

A short history of the aborted neofascist Golpe Borghese coup plot in Italy, 1970, and the subsequent repercussions.

Reviewing the experience of Italy in the 1970s - Negri

Strikers in 1969

Antonio Negri recalls the political experience of various aspects of the mass struggles of the 1970s in Italy, including the Strategy of Tension.

Pinelli, Giuseppe “Pino”, 1928-1969

Giuseppe Pinelli

A short biography of Giuseppe Pinelli, anarchist railway worker who was murdered by police in the Strategy of Tension. He was immortalised in Dario Fo's play Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

Valpreda, Pietro, 1933-2002

Pietro Valpreda, front row third from left, on a hunger strike demonstration

A short biography of the anarchist militant and dancer Pietro Valpreda who was caught up in the Strategy of Tension.

1958-1990: Operation Gladio, Italy

Operation Gladio

The history of the secret neo-fascist army in Italy set up ostensibly to resist Soviet invasion, but in reality to be used in the event of the working class growing too strong once again.

1969-?: The strategy of tension in Italy

August 2 1980 Bologna Central Station attack

Information about the Italian state's "Strategy of Tension" policy in which it carried out terrorist attacks against its own people in order to blame the left and anarchists.

Cassia, Salvatore, 1944-2002

Militant: Class struggle in 1970s Italy

A biography of Italian anarchist and electronics worker Salvatore Cassia.

Marini, Giovanni, 1942-2001

Giovanni Marini

A biography of Italian working class poet, writer and anarchist Giovanni Marini, caught up in Italy's Strategy of Tension and unjustly convicted of the murder of a fascist.