The revolutionary alternative to left-wing politics

Subversion's critique of the radical left as being merely the state capitalist left wing of capital, as opposed to a revolutionary working class force.

The city, social control and the local state

Subversion on the UK state's approach to poverty and the breakdown in "community" values against the background of the inner-city riots of the 80s.

Technology and class

Subversion examine the role of technology in class struggle as a tool for ratcheting up the exploitation of the working class.

The class struggle hits the road

Subversion on the anti-roads movement, and its relation to the class struggle.

Subversion #17

Issue 17 of libertarian communist journal, Subversion, from 1995.

Wildcats in the post

Article about recent wildcat strikes and disputes in the UK post office from Subversion in 1996.

Miserable worker

The first of a bulletin produced by workers around the Manchester area, tirading against work, published in the Subversion journal.

Solidarity, good and bad!

An unemployed member of Subversion critically responds to Employment service strikes. We do not agree with this article but reproduce it for reference.

Employment service strikes

An article by Subversion examining the employment service workers' strike of 1995-1996, and arguing for benefit claimants to support the strike.

Gridlock 1: Voices From the M27 Corridor

The following piece is a brief exploration of strategies of control and resistance around motorways. It will avoid the issues of pollution and environmental destruction usually associated with the roads battle and look at no less real struggles with more fundamental implications for the direction of class conflict.