The dockers are not going away

Article from January 1997 in Subversion

For Those Of You Thinking About Getting A Job

This article expresses the thoughts of one member of Subversion and is not to be taken as a kind of "Subversion group policy".

There was some discussion within Subversion before publishing this article. We decided to publish it, but also to make a number of points at the end, reflecting the discussions that took place

Green Communism? - Subversion

Article from Subversion #21.

Korea Opportunities: Class And Democracy in South Korea

Article from Subversion #21, 1997.

Open Letter To Class War

The letter below was given to Class War after issue 69 appeared, in the expectation that they would print it in their paper. They later told us verbally that it was "not the type of thing they put in their paper" or somesuch phrase. This was disappointing, not to say rather pathetic, but we are printing it ourselves instead in the hope that it still might provoke useful debate.

Trouble At Royal Mail

Subversion on the postal workers dispute, mid 1990s.

Spain 1936: the end of anarchism? Reader responses and Subversion reply

Letters from JC and NH (member of Anarchist Communist Federation) on an article in a previous issue of Subversion entitled "The end of anarchism". Plus Subversion reply.

Merseyside Dockers Report #7

The second dockers' article from Subversion #19 - includes a discussion of the role of the trade unions in the dispute.

Merseyside Dockers Report #6

The first of two articles in Subversion #19 about the Merseyside Dockers - includes details efforts to establish international contacts and solidarity.

Three strikes and you're out - building claimants' counter power

News and analysis from comrades in Edinburgh, detailing the 3 Strikes and You're Out policy, since adopted by many Anti-JSA Groups.

(Subversion article from 1996 on resistance to bullying benefit office officials.)