Smashing H&M in South Africa: not the first attack on the garment supply chain (and not the last either!)

A H&M that's seen better days, South Africa.

Hand-wringing over the trashing of a few H&M branches in South Africa ignores the often highly militant struggles of the workers in H&M's supply chain (and others like it), themselves often women of colour and one of the most combative sections of the international working class.

The Swazi state in violent crackdown on striking teachers and nurses

Striking teachers in Swaziland have vowed to extend their five week strike indefinitely until their demand of a 4.5% pay rise has been met. The government has responded with intimidation and violence.

Swazi textile workers to resume strike

16,000 Swazi textile workers look set to resume strike action this Wednesday if their demands for better pay and benefits are ignored.

Workers strike and clash with police in Swaziland

Female Swazi textile workers

The last week of textile workers' strikes has seen Swaziland's most intense wave of labour militancy in a decade.

Swaziland workers due to strike today

Workers are threatening to down tools today.

Strike action has been planned by employees of the Swaziland National Trust Commission if a demand for a 3.8% pay rise is not met.

African anarchist arrested by Swazi regime

Several weeks ago "MK", a member of the Soutern African Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation's underground structures in Swaziland was arrested.