TrotskiLeaks: How not to engineer a sectarian split

An email exchange between members of the SWP and others in the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition (BSCC), where an SWP activist accidentally 'reply alls' whilst planning a sectarian split on the pretext of the outcome of an unrelated conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN).

How to deal with the SWP

Some advice for libertarian activists on working in campaigns alongside the Socialist Workers Party.

Carry on recruiting! Why the Socialist Workers Party dumped the 'downturn' in a 'dash for growth'

An analysis of the Socialist Workers Party, the most significant grouping in the UK far left, examining whether it really is a revolutionary organisation, or just an opportunistic recruitment machine.

The struggle for self-management: an open letter to IS comrades

This is an open letter to members of the International Socialists (IS), later to become the Socialist Workers Party, printed in the libertarian socialist paper Solidarity in September 1968. It criticises IS for failing to recognise the relationship between how socialists organise, and the content of their politics; and for establishing an unfree internal regime.

Cruel Treatment of UK refusenik


Soldier Joe Glenton, who was court martialled on 5 March and jailed for nine months for refusing to fight in Afghanistan, and for speaking out at anti-war demonstrations, is being subjected to cruel treatment by army prison staff.

Crap Comrades; Mark Thomas has had enough of the SWP

Mark Thomas

Written in 2003 in part a reaction to the antics of the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) inside the then campaign against the Iraq war (under the SWP's front group Stop The War Coalition or SWTC for short). Mark Thomas comically lays out the problems with the leftist group, namely its conservatism, its uncooperative attitude to other radical groups, its constant emphasis on party building and its hostility to any form of spontaneity which it can't ultimately control.

An open letter to members and ex-members of the SWP

Lindsey German

A contribution to the debate about recent events in the SWP, aiming to offer some advice and encouragement to members and ex-members feeling disillusioned by the ongoing internal conflict. By Billy P., a libertarian communist and former SWP member.

Report back from the Right to Work conference

Last Saturday saw the second Right to Work conference take place in Manchester City Centre. Held across two venues; the Methodist Central Hall on Oldham street and the historic Mechanics Institute, it was billed by its organisers as “a conference of resistance and solidarity” in the face of the economic crisis.

The irresistible correctness of anarchism - working class opposition to Mussolini

A lengthy critique of the SWP's attempt to rewrite the history of the resistance to Italian fascism in the early 1920s as well as the revolutionary Red Years after World War I. An important, if not well known, bit of anarchist history.

Original here:

How socialist is the Socialist Workers Party?

Wildcat (UK)'s analysis of Britain's most high-profile far-left group, and its role during the miners' strike. Originally published in 1985, it remains of interest.