Two Suicide Attempts this Month at Polish Telecom and Open Letter from Workers

Workers ask to help spread information about their plight.

The Line You Have Reached... Disconnect It!

Lucius Cabins writes on the 22 day nationwide strike of 700,000 telecoms workers at AT&T in 1983.

March for Resalto in Keratsini

More than a thousand march in Keratsini in solidarity to the 21 comrades arrested during the police raid on Resalto, the anarchist social centre of the proletarian suburb of Peiraeus.

Venezuela: Vetelca - the story of the first ever Bolivarian factory

Chávez and "the biggest dick"

This report originally appears in issue #57 of Venezuelan anarchist newspaper El Libertario. It is a detailed examination of the events behind the mobile telephone manufacturer Vetelca, in which the notion of a socialist industrial production model in Venezuela is unmasked.

Tension in Greece before critical weekend

Strikes, marches, blockades, occupations and nights of fire are setting the climate before the critical weekend of the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder.

Vodafone and Wind workers strike in Greece

Workers of Vodafone and Wind telecoms are going on strike denouncing transfers and forced resignation of employees in Greece.

Solidarity walkout by France telecom workers

Workers spontaneously walked out today in solidarity with a colleague who committed suicide.

24th suicide in 18 months at France Telecom

A 51-year-old father of two threw himself off a viaduct after leaving a note for his wife blaming his work situation for his decision.

Hunger strikes, pickets and urban guerillas in Greece before critical weekend

In the run-up to the huge protest marches of the coming weekend in Salonica, Greece sees immigrants' hunger strikes, Wind workers take up pickets for national strike, as well as the Athens Stock Market and one Ministry hit by guerrillas.

Belfast protests continue for sacked Nortel workers


Sacked Nortel workers and supporters continued their protests in Belfast today rallying for their redundancy packages.