Timofei Sapronov

Sapronov - From the History of the Workers' Movement

Timofei Sapronov

Timofei Sapronov's autobiography about the times when he was an underground revolutionary militant in Russia. It covers the period from 1907 to 1917 with a specific focus on the First World War period. His autobiography is in Russian. However, the book includes a solid but academic introduction in English by historian, Victoria Bonnell.

Sapronov joined the Bolsheviks before the war, in 1918 he became a left communist and then led to the founding of the Group of Democratic Centralism. He was expelled from the party for his opposition in 1927 and executed by the Stalinist regime in 1937.

Sapronov and the Russian Revolution - Yurii Colombo

Timofei Sapronov decists Democratic centralism

Source: International Socialist Review, Winter 2016-17. Contains translated excerpts of Sapronov’s essay 'The Death-Throes of the Petty Bourgeois Dictatorship' (December 1931). For a list of translations of the Decists see here.