Tom Jennings

Wuthering Heights, directed by Andrea Arnold

Never mind the prissy costume drama bollocks. This raw punk historicism is a landmark, in several senses, of British cinema.

Top Boy, by Ronan Bennett, Channel 4

Yet another teenage gang tall story glimpses beyond the moral panics and tired miserabilism of most poverty porn.

Attack the Block, directed by Joe Cornish

An apparently refreshing take on underclass alienation soon sours into the same old rancid reaction

Street Summer season, Channel 4

A naff cultural-historical hip-hop gospel packaged according to MTV aesthetics ...

Route Irish, directed by Ken Loach

A disappointingly missed opporunity to explore recent developments in the military-industrial complex.

Nurse Jackie, BBC2

A rare example of television fiction doing some outrageous justice to the modern work/life (im)balance

Neds, directed by Peter Mullan

This tale of disaffected youth trades in traditional rhetorical flourishes but succeeds in avoiding easy answers.

The Crimson Petal and the White, by Lucinda Coxon, BBC2

An unusually lucid, lurid costume drama goes straight for Victorian hypocrisy’s jugular ... Too straight, perhaps?

Classless, by Carl Neville

This entertaining exposure of late capitalist culture’s class denialism doesn’t quite convince

Biutiful, directed by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu

Iñárritu’s latest slice of urban transcendentalism shamelessly exploits underclass suffering in search of salvation