Tom Wetzel

A Reply to Syndicalism: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

A response from Tom Wetzel of the Workers Solidarity Alliance to Alan MacSimóin's article on syndicalism.

“The Rank and File Strategy”: A Syndicalist View - Tom Wetzel

Veteran activist and writer Tom Wetzel enters the wide ranging debate on the left around the “rank and file strategy” orientation to the labor movement. This piece is based on material in his forthcoming book from AK Press, Overcoming Capitalism, and was first published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

On Organization

An article written by Tom Wetzel about anarchist organization.

From the right-wing to the revolutionary left - Tom Wetzel

A new series from Recompositon called 'How I was radicalized'. This first part is by Tom Wetzel, and takes us briefly though the 1960s.

Anarcho-syndicalism - Tom Wetzel

Text of talk given in New York City, October 2002.

Co-ops or workers' revolution?

An article by Tom Wetzel (under a pseudonym) which lays out the limitations of cooperatives as an alternative to capitalism.

Gramsci and syndicalism - Tom Wetzel

Antonio Gramsci

Tom Wetzel on the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, the Italian factory council movement of 1919-1920, and the anarcho-syndicalist advocacy of revolutionary unionism.

Why revolutionary syndicalism?

An article by Tom Wetzel on his conception of revolutionary syndicalism.

Why does the union bureaucracy exist?

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO

A 1988 article by Tom Wetzel on the the development of the union bureaucracy and how that changed the nature of unions.

Workers power and the Russian Revolution: a review of Maurice Brinton's For Workers Power

Tom Wetzel reviews the sections concentrating on the Russian Revolution in For Worker's Power, a collection of Maurice Brinton's writings.