UK elections 2010

"You mean they actually vote for the lizards?" - Junge Linke

Junge Linke on elections, democracy and the state under capitalism.

The real electorate

Now the pretend vote is finished, the actual vote has begun - the markets are speaking.

Is it ever OK not to vote?

Slightly before the election of 2010 the Anarchist Federation in Scotland were asked to contribute an opinion piece on voting to the Sunday Herald. Here is the article complete with the opposing view from Willie Sullivan of Vote For a Change.

Public debt makes the state go round

As the general election approaches, the major parties argue over how to deal with the budget deficit. Wine and Cheese examine the global financial system and ask whether debt is a problem in itself, and how much debt is "too much"?

Vandalised Conservative adverts

Graffitied and vandalised Tory billboards for the 2010 general election. At we don't support any of the political parties, but the Tories seem to be the only ones who can afford billboards this year.

Vote for change?

The Solidarity Federation look at the upcoming UK general election.

Why bother voting?

An overview of the coming election from the Anarchist Federation.

We can't go on like this, they can't change anything

A short piece on why none of the parties are able to offer real change.

The practical option

A look at the alternatives to electoral politics

General election 2010: Anti-manifesto

A brief overview of what the various parties offer in the run-up to this election.