The real electorate

Now the pretend vote is finished, the actual vote has begun - the markets are speaking.

In amongst the huge avalanche of political coverage we have seen over the last few days about the Lib Dem/Tory coalition deal, only in a very few cases has the biggest story of all been leaking through - that a small, unelected group of foreign nationals are openly wielding huge influence over Britain's elections.

Now as an internationalist I'm not bothered about which borders our elite tormentors sit behind, they all deserve equal contempt, but every mainstream media source you'd care to mention says that sovereignty matters. For example can you imagine the outcry in the Mail or the Telegraph if say, France released the following statement: "Britain's politicians need to make a deal and be clear that major cuts will be pushed through its public services or we will impose sanctions?"

Yet this is exactly what is happening right now - power players from every nation on earth are demanding precisely this by rattling their billy clubs along our market cage. The pound has taken a dive, shares in British stocks are falling and it's being made very clear that unless Britain's elites buck their ideas up and form a strong government to clear its capitalist debts by extorting working class people hellfire will ensue.

Why is this not the biggest story in the media today? Why is it that from the BBC to the Guardian to the Mirror it's simply a shrugging shoulders moment that an American stockbroker, a German industrial magnate, a Russian oil baron have the right to band together and dictate how quickly Britain's democratic process goes and even what its outcome should be?

This is the faultline which illustrates in absolute clarity the bankruptcy of Britain's elections. We have had our time, we got to vote for which faces will fill our television screens for the next five years. The great unspoken in the capitalist media is that what happens next is not ours to vote upon - and it will remain unspoken.

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Rob Ray
May 9 2010 11:34


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