USI-AIT declares involvement in general strike

Statement from USI-AIT declaring its participation in the co-ordinated general strike of Italian base unions on June 22nd, and laying out both its political and social demands.

Exploring alternative forms of workers' organization: anarchist communists and the Italian 'base union' movement

A member of the Federazione dei Communisti Anarchici (FdCA) goes over the history of the 'base unions' in Italy.

Currents of Italian syndicalism before 1926 - Carl Levy

First meeting of the Central Committee of the USI, December 1912.

Carl Levy discusses the various strands of thought of the broad Italian syndicalist movement, including anarchists within the trade unions and within the revolutionary syndicalist USI, up until Mussolini's consolidation of power in 1926.

Meschi, Alberto 1879-1958

A short biography of Alberto Meschi, great figure of Italian anarchism and still remembered fondly in Carrara.

Failla, Alfonso, 1906-1986

Alfonso Failla.

A short biography of inspirer of the Siracusa uprising, fighter in the resistance and a key figure in the rebuilding of the Italian anarchist movement after World War II, Alfonso Failla.

Domaschi, Giovanni, 1891-1945

A short biography of courageous anarchist and veteran escapee, Giovanni Domaschi who was tortured and had an ear severed before dying in the Dachau death camp.

Bonometti, Ettore, 1872-1961

Ettore Bonometti.

A short biography of Italian anarchist militant Ettore Bonometti, who helped found the anarcho-syndicalist union the USI.

1918-1922: The Arditi del Popolo

Arditi del Popolo

A history of the people's militias who fought Italy's fascists covering the birth, growth and decline of the world's first anti-fascist group, the Arditi del Popolo.

Marzocchi, Umberto, 1900-1986

Umberto Marzocchi.

A short biography of Italian anarchist shipyard worker Umberto Marzocchi who fought Mussolini's fascists in Italy, Franco's in Spain and Hitler's in France.

Persici, Celso, 1895-1988

Celso Persici.

A short biography of Italian anarchist bricklayer Celso Persici, who fought fascism across Europe and in Morocco, by his son.