Werner Bonefeld

1990-1992: Britain and the politics of the European exchange rate mechanism

Prime Minister John Major with Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont

Werner Bonefeld's detailed analysis of Britain's involvement in the European exchange rate mechanism, out of which it famously crashed in 1992.

The Permanance of Primitive Accumulation

Werner Bonefeld's article on primitive accumulation arguing that it is not just a phenomenon relating to the emergence of capitalism but is a necessary element of it, the "social constitution of capitalist social relations".

Social constitution and the form of the capitalist state

Werner Bonefeld's analysis of the formation of the capitalist state and its relationship to the social organisation of the working class.

The politics of debt: social discipline and control - Werner Bonefeld

Bankers during 1992's 'Black Wednesday'.

Werner Bonefeld on debt, which became a serious political and social issue during the 1980s and 90s, culminating in Black Wednesday in September 1992.

Class and Subsidiarity: On European Monetary Union

Werner Bonefeld on class and the European Monetary Union.