Wildcat (UK)

SWP: The party of god - Wildcat

leaflet front page

Leaflet produced by Wildcat in 1988 concerning the First Gulf War (that is, Iran versus Iraq). It compares the position of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK with that of Hezbollah. Not unreasonable, given that the SWP supported the Iranian regime at the time!

Capitalism and its revolutionary destruction - Wildcat

Wildcat's "manifesto", their attempt to explain their world view in one short pamphlet. Published in the mid-1980s.

Workerism - Wildcat (UK)

Wildcat's critique of the crude ideology of workerism (which should not be confused with operaism, which is sometimes translated as "workerism").

Against democracy - Wildcat (UK)

The text of an introductory talk held in London and Brighton in 1993, outlining communist opposition to democracy.

How socialist is the Socialist Workers Party?

Wildcat (UK)'s analysis of Britain's most high-profile far-left group, and its role during the miners' strike. Originally published in 1985, it remains of interest.

The inhumanity of humanitarian aid - Wildcat

Article looking at the use of 'humanitarian' aid as a way of perpetuating war and reproducing capitalist social relations, as a means of social control, during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

Klasna priroda sankcija - Wildcat

The class nature of sanctions - Wildcat

Hyperinflation: a 500 billion dinar note

Wildcat UK show how international sanctions imposed on former-Yugoslavian countries during the Yugoslav wars acted as attacks on the living conditions of the working class.

Jugoslavija: Od smanjenja plata do rata - Wildcat

Yugoslavia: from wage cuts to war - Wildcat

A look at the effect of the 1991-1995 war in Yugoslavia on the class struggle, and the effect of class struggle on the war.