Wollongong Out Of Workers Union

The WOW factor: Wollongong’s unemployed and the dispossession of class and history

The following is the text of a paper delivered to the first biennial Wollongong History Conference hosted by the University of Wollongong in June, 2007. The theme for the conference was Memory, Heritage and Place: Wollongong’s Changing History.

Wollongong Out Of Workers' Union interviews

A series of interviews with Wollongong Out Of Workers' Union (WOW) activists in the 1980s, conducted 2005-6 by Nick Southall as part of his honours thesis research, investigating WOW as a project expressing proletarian self-activity.

Working for the class: The praxis of the Wollongong Out of Workers’ Union

WOW members with the Union’s Log of Claims on the Parliament lawn in 1983

Nick Southall's detailed history and analysis of the Wollongong Out of Workers' Union in Australia from 1983-1989, an organisation of unemployed workers he took part in which fought for better benefits and also assisted the struggles of employed workers.