Action against shady temp agency and campaign with building workers

Karol M. has been in a coma since November 3. That's when he had an accident at his construction job in Warsaw. To the horror of his family, it turned out that Karol was never given any contract by the work agency "Jerzy Madziarowicz MIX". The boss did not report the accident at work and went he was called by the police, he claimed that Karol did not work for him.

Will Plaza Pay up? Protest at Plaza Centers and Torun Plaza

Again subcontracted construction workers get the shaft.

Action against OTTO employment agency met with police action

A picket against Dutch employment agency OTTO Workforce organized by the Vrije Bond and ZSP in Venrey, where the headquarters of OTTO is began this morning. From the beginning it was met with to the police action.

Actions in Defense of Workers' Rights in OTTO Work Force Temporary Agency

OTTO Work Force action

In the beginning of February 2011 a campaign has started against the exploitation of workers in a Dutch based OTTO temporary agency.

Warsaw Rent Strike: Community Organizing and Activization in the Context of Social Atomization

The challenges involved in radical action and community organizing in the current social context and some of the extended aims of the rent strike action.

So Flexible it is Bent out of Shape

How far can one go with "diversity of tactics" before diverging with anarchism?

As groups call for entrance into politics or make coalitions with nationalists, this question has shown the urgency for tactical debate based on empirical experience.

Warsaw: ZSP Starts Rent Strike Action

Polish anarcho-syndicalist organisation ZSP is calling for a rent strike in Warsaw starting on Oct. 1.

Warsaw: Huge Victory for Tenants!

Tenants in Poland are celebrating the first successful grassroots campaign to prevent the sell-off of publicly owned housing.

Azteca Bar Conflict and Campaign Against Illegal Deductions in the Food Service Sector

Conflict at Azteca Bar inspiration for wider campaign.

To Noam Chomsky on Boycotting Elections

The following is a statement by ZSP.