Demonstration at San Raffaele Hospital photo gallery, Milan, June 22nd 2012

Photo gallery of a demonstration at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan during the national general strike of base unions on June 22nd 2012. The strike at San Raffaele saw the massive involvement of anarcho-syndicalist in USI-AIT. For more info on the strike, click here.

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Aug 25 2012 16:32


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Aug 25 2012 16:53

Just as a little anecdote, I was told by a worker at San Raffaele that the three or four members of CISL (one of the main union federations, and scabby as fuck.. they're the ones with the green and white stripey flags) aren't actually workers at the hospital but the union just sent a bunch of full-timers so that it would look like they had some base there.. smile