Loukanikos, the Greek anarchist dog photo gallery

Photographs of Loukanikos, "sausage", the legendary dog who has been present at nearly every outbreak of mass class struggle and social disorder in Athens in recent years. Previously reported in the Guardian newspaper, who mistakenly named him as Kanellos.


May 10 2010 16:29

Dogs are whatever singularity too!

May 21 2010 05:29

Oh he's so cute i'd like to give him a big hug and kiss

Aug 8 2010 04:17

Dogs' got more balls then most people I know. lol keep on pup.

Aug 10 2010 14:24
Juan Angel
Feb 24 2011 00:00

Loukanikos is an inspiration and we need more human beings with his determination and courage to change this world!!
Greetings from Argentina...

Feb 24 2011 00:13

Solidaridad, Argentina!

para <<el frente del perro anarquista>>!

I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Dec 18 2011 01:39

Loukanikos is our hero and inspiration at the same time!

I found out a website related about him here:
Loukanikos the riot dog

Redwinged Blackbird
Jan 19 2012 15:06

Inter-species solidarity! Hell Yeah!

May 14 2012 18:02

Just added a photo to this gallery as I found one of a cop kicking him - what a dick! Apparently, he was unhurt however

Oct 9 2014 12:49

RIP. Happy he was just relaxing at home on the couch. Good dog. sad

Oct 24 2014 15:52

Kanellos was the name of the previous riot dog that lived in Exarhia and joined all the demos, before Loukanikos took his place. Initially, Loukanikos would go to the demos with the left-wing student group EAAK, and it was only later that he changed his political preferences and went to demos with the anarchists.

On another note, I am under the impression that dogs are not affected by tear gas, though one would expect them to be. I could not justify this claim "scientifically", but only from experience. Neither Loukanikos nor Kanellos nor any of the dogs that joined riots in Greece ever show any kind of effect from the tons of tear gas that the cops constantly threw at us. Now, I cannot say whether there were any long term effects (not even sure about how humans are affected in a long term basis), but during the riots all dogs seem completely indifferent to the gas. And I have noticed a similar thing happening in Chile, where riots also attract a lot of dogs.