The anarchist movement in Japan, 1906-1996 - John Crump


klas batalo
Aug 4 2013 18:03

this is different from Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism right?

Aug 4 2013 19:26

Klas...yes, absolutely. In spite of some political I have with this, this is one of the best english language pamphlets around. One day (promises, promises), I hope transcribe some movement reports from the 1920s that appeared in the NY anarchist newspaper "The Road to Freedom". In regard to Japan, the timepiece articles discuss the syndicalist movement.

Aug 4 2013 20:44

Please see my note under The Preface to this pamphlet - should have gone here really.

klas batalo
Aug 4 2013 21:05

is there a good pdf version of this anywhere for physical distribution?