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The League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Documentary about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a radical black workers' group based in the car factories of Detroit. Through interviews with members, supporters and opponents as well as footage of leafleting and picket lines, the film documents their attempts to build a radical black workers' organisation to take on both management and the union and fight to improve conditions for all workers, black and white.

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Dec 9 2013 03:43

The sloganing on the DRUM pickets is some of the best i've ever heard

Jun 1 2016 08:30

Sorry, we couldn’t find that page ...

jef costello
Jun 1 2016 17:02
Jan 28 2021 05:35
jef costello wrote:
I think that this is it

I'm afraid uploads keep getting taken down, including my one. The company behind it is a dvd seller, I'm 99% sure they don't own the rights to most or any of the documentaries they're selling but they have a legal department so I didn't risk it. You can buy a copy from them for as little as $600 or as high as several thousand. Yes that's just for a dvd disc for private viewing not rights.

Fortunately because its so popular it does pop back up on the video streaming sites, I recommend giving it a search once in awhile if you haven't seen it yet, and maybe downloading it before goes down.

Jan 28 2021 05:36

double post error.