1001 ways to beat the draft - Tuli Kupferberg and Robert Bashlow

1001 ways to beat the draft cover

Antiwar pamphlet from 1966, co-authored by Kupferberg of Fugs fame, listing humorous ways to avoid the American draft for the Vietnam War.

Submitted by adri on April 15, 2023


759. Carry a large red and black flag into the induction center, along with a portable tape recorder which is playing the Anarchist version of the Internationale. Be accompanied by a group of comrades who are shouting: "Fuck the Army!" Then start to sing: "Onward Christian soldiers, / Onward as to war. / Kill your Christian brothers / As you've done before" and various raucous anti-war songs, including "Kill for Peace." When the flag is taken away from you, peel off your red and black underwear and reveal a similar flag tattooed on your chest. Have small red and black pencils concealed in your beard, which is dyed red on one side and black on the other. Fill in the even-numbered words on the questionnaire with the red pencil and the odd-numbered ones with the black pencil.