1936: Report On The Revolutionary Movement In Barcelona

Documentary film made by the CNT/FAI showing the first days of the Spanish revolution in Barcelona. Spanish Audio with English subtitles.

Submitted by Reddebrek on September 21, 2019

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yznVWgOtA8o

Probably the first news film of the war, this report from the recently collectivized film industry documents the scene in Barcelona in the early days of the war/revolution following the defeat of the initial coup attempt. Footage of the aftermath of clashes (including the assault on the Atarazanas barracks) & jubilant crowds are a prominent sight in this report. In definitely captures the spirit of the early stages of the revolution.



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Submitted by Reddebrek on October 25, 2019

The English translation is in the video's captions menu, I've gone ahead and made a hard subtitle version too for download, if anyone wishes to watch it offline or share it.