1972: Dockworkers Strike

Documentary film made by Cinema Action on the picket lines during the dockworkers strike of 1972 to safe guard jobs and oppose economic restructuring, lay-offs and increased monopolisation of the industry and growing government involvement in industrial disputes.

Submitted by Reddebrek on February 26, 2020

"We've got this tremendous struggle by the employing class, for the survival of their profits. And that means they're going to intensify the struggle against the working class in order to maintain their profits. Anybody that advocates going along with the law as a kind of a tactic and wait for a general election so that the next government can repeal it, is just ignoring history.

Because the law we've got today is just a reflection of all the governments we've ever had in the past, every government that we've ever had in Britain has been a government that has tried to anchor off the working class in one way or the other. It happens to be a Tory government this time, the last one was a Labour government who laid the blue print for it.

And unless we can return to the masses, to the workshop floor, that the workers themselves who are working there every day of the week, clocking on, clocking off. Getting a pittance for the work that they do for the employers. Unless we can get that in our own head, that we can fight this battle and win. Then we'll lose."

Link https://youtu.be/qQGnKf58fkg