700 workers end Devon mail wildcat strike

An unofficial strike by Royal Mail staff in Exeter has come to an end. Workers had struck against plans to use casual labour.

Submitted by Steven. on August 16, 2001

The BBC reported that postal deliveries and collections are getting back to normal, after staff agreed to go back to work.

The strike action started when around 50 staff walked out of the mail centre in Exeter yesterday afternoon.

Overnight the dispute escalated, and this morning up to 700 workers were said to have been involved affecting both deliveries and collections in and around the city.

The dispute began because staff were angry about plans to employ temporary drivers to cover shifts over the busy autumn period, which they said could affect their income.

After lengthly talks throughout the morning, staff agreed this afternoon to return to work whilst negotiations with management continue.

Despite the agreement, unions are warning of growing unrest among staff, because of changes in the industry and jobs uncertainty.