More wildcats at Royal Mail

Macclesfield postal workers on official strike earlier this year
Macclesfield postal workers on official strike earlier this year

Wildcat postal strikes have sprung up around the UK at the end of an official 48-hour Royal Mail walkout.

Submitted by Ed on October 10, 2007

130,000 Communication Workers Union (CWU) members returned to work today after the latest four day strikes, but the introduction of later starts by executive action has led to mass walkouts in Glasgow, Lancaster, Liverpool, and London, with more offices to follow.

The wildcat started at district offices throughout Liverpool and soon spread to the main sorting office at Copperas Hill, while workers at branches in east and south London also walked out.

Workers at the Victoria Road office in Glasgow walked out earlier, but are now back at work. Hundreds of workers have been on strike today against the changes, brought in without any consultation, and which also prevent workers from leaving work after completing their deliveries, known as "job and finish".

One postal worker in London commented that these unofficial strikes could lead to all-out action at a national level, given the unpopularity of the late start times and the current mood amongst postal workers who are fighting many other measures as well.

We will update with more news as information comes in.