ALB on the front of the English Language Gazette again!

Craig Tallents
Craig Tallents

Workers from the Leicester Square School of English have secured a front page spot on this month's English Language Gazette.

Submitted by Angry Language… on February 22, 2015

The article begins:

Students returning from the Christmas holidays to find their language school has closed is regrettably common in private sector TEFL. Stranded students receiving assistance from teachers who had occupied the premises 'in the hope of the hope of getting the money that they're owed' is rarer.

The Angry Language Brigade would like to thank the EL Gazette for helping to highlight the struggle of the LSSE workers and for taking the time to offer an honest account of what happened when the school closed down. Other media organisations as well as English UK – despite knowing the situation full-well – chose to ignore both the school's shady behaviour and the actions of the teachers in assisting their students to find new school placements and accommodation.